Sunday, April 3, 2011

Taking Some Time To Read Up On Organ Registration

I'm taking some time to read this book on organ registration, but will try to post some music soon.


  1. Dear Joseph,

    This is a very lovely project that you are undertaking. I have often desired to attempt such a project but have not been able. I hope that you continue in this.

    Thank you,


  2. Hi Pr. Siems, thank you for stopping by!

    Part of reason I got started with this project was because we don't have an organist for the Monday night service at my church, and I wanted to explore different technology I could use to provide great sounding music. I use the basic version of Hauptwerk right now, but Lord willing will eventually get a more expensive organ with better sound samples. I had my eye on this one from Milan Digital Audio for the future,

  3. It is a wonderful plan. I have wanted to have the hymns available for the same reason. We sing ours a cappella. I keep wanting to learn to read music, but never make the time. So if we do not know the hymn we play the midi file from At least that helps us to get started.

  4. You should check out this website: It is run by a Baptist gentleman, Clyde McLennan, out of Australia. If you cannot find a hymn tune on there that you want, send him and e-mail, he might record it for you!