Saturday, March 26, 2011

St. Anne's Moseley Organ Stop List

The stops on my virtual pipe organ, St. Anne's Moseley, are as follows. I will post what stops I use with each hymn I record.

The Organ Specification
The organ of St. Anne's, Moseley, Birmingham, England, is a 1907 two-manual Brindley and Foster instrument with the following specification:

Lieblich Bourdon 16' (wood, Brindley).
Geigen Principal 8' (metal, Brindley).
Salicet 4' (metal, Brindley).
Rohr Flute 8' (wood, Brindley).
Flauto Magico 4' (wood, Brindley).
Gamba 8' (metal, Brindley).
Voix Celeste 8' (metal, Brindley).
Piccolo 2' (metal, Brindley).
Mixture III ranks (metal, Nicholson).
Clarinet 8' (metal, Nicholson).
Trumpet 8' (metal, Nicholson).
Oboe 8' (metal, Nicholson).
Contra Fagotto 16' (metal, Brindley and Nicholson).

Open Diapason Large 8' (metal, Brindley).
Open Diapason Small 8' (metal, Lewis).
Dulciana 8' (metal, Lewis).
Lieblich Gedact 8' (wood, Lewis).
Principal 4' (metal, Lewis).
Clear Flute 4' (metal, Brindley).
Fifteenth 2' (metal, Brindley).
Mixture IV ranks (metal, Nicholson).
Trumpet 8' (metal, Nicholson).
Clarion 4' (metal, Nicholson).

Open Diapason 16' (wood, Brindley and Schultz).
Echo Bass 16 (wood, Brindley).
Sub-Bass 16' (wood, Brindley).
Principal 8' (wood and metal, Schultz and Nicholson).
Bass Flute 8' (wood, Brindley).
Fifteenth 4' (metal, Nicholson).
Trombone 16' (metal, Nicholson).

Swell Octave.
Swell Sub-Octave.
Swell Unison Off.
Swell to Great.
Swell to Pedal.
Great to Pedal.
Swell Octave to Great.
Swell Sub-Octave to Great.
Great and Pedal Pistons Coupled.

5 Thumb pistons to Swell, adjustable.
5 Thumb pistons to Great, adjustable.
Reversible Swell to Great. Reversible
Great to Pedal. 5 Toe pedals to Swell, adjustable.
Reversible Toe pedal Great to Pedal.
Balanced Swell pedal.

The following have been added for the Hauptwerk virtual model of the instrument:
40-stage Crescendo, adjustable.
General Cancel. Setter piston.
FF piston, adjustable.
PP piston, adjustable.

Swell to Great Melody.
Pedal to Great Bass.
Crescendo on Swell.
Crescendo on Great.
Crescendo on Pedal.

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